How Long Does It Take To Get A Welding Certification?

Wants to have a career in welding but don’t know from where to start, well, you have come to the right place. By going through this article, you will learn all the necessary details about this profession and how you can start making a career in this versatile field.

Welding has become an integral part of the developing world, and if you know how to weld perfectly, you will become the most demanding person for many industries and will be highly paid for the job.

Welding is not something that you can learn overnight; instead, it can take months or years to become an expert in this field, depending on how much you want to learn.

As welding is a complete physical job, it is not something which you can learn on your own; it involves severe health risks such as electric shocks, fumes, burns, and exposure to harmful radiations; a minor mistake can cause considerable damage.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you learn the welding process under the supervision of an expert or trainer.

Before jumping into the field of welding, you must be aware of the risks involved and also the benefits of it. You also need physical strength to pursue a career in welding.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Welding Certification

Welding Certifications

Once you have made your mind, you need to take the first step. In addition to the physical training, you also need to have a firm grip on technical knowledge.

As a beginner, the best thing you can do to learn the art of welding is to enroll yourself in a welding certification program.

The certification programs do not require any prior knowledge or experience; the programs are specially designed for beginners who just started learning it.

Welding certification programs cover both aspects, physical training experience and as well as technical knowledge. The type of welding certifications and the duration of it may differ from state to state.

However, you need to know precisely which certification program is best suited for you. To take you through the types, below, we have mentioned the most well-known certifications program. You can select the certification program based on your interest.

  • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
  • Certified Welding Educator (CWE)
  • Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS)
  • Certified Welding Sales Representative (CWSR)
  • Certified Welding Engineer (CWEng)
The most renowned and acknowledge certificate awarding institute for welding is the American Welding Society – AWS.

It provides the best professional courses, and the certificates awarded by AWS are recognized all over the world. Enrolling in a certification program shows that you are interested in learning and will do whatever it takes to become an expert in this field.

All the certifications as mentioned above are offered by AWS, and we will see each one of them in detail and will answer our fundamental question to know how much time it may take to complete a course.

Physical strength and eyesight are very important for a welder; to qualify for any of the certification programs, you need to go through the vision test.

Each certification program is different from the other programs; therefore, before selecting a course, go through the course outline and see in which you are interested the most.

Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

Certified Welding Inspector program is one the best way to start learning the welding process, and it proves to be a stepping milestone in a welding career.

CWI program is recognized by all having this certificate; it gives you an edge among all the welders. Many professionals and renowned industries preferred to have CWI certified welders in their team.

Although it does not require you to have prior knowledge and experience, the duration of this program may vary on it.

If you already have a sound understanding or have a degree in welding engineering or technology, you can complete this course in six months or in a year.

If you have just passed high school or have taken a vocational course, you may take four years or more time to complete this program and to become an expert.

The certificate will be awarded after completing the required credit hours and passing the modules and exams. The certification will be internationally recognized and can be upgraded or renewed following the terms and conditions.

Certified Welding Educator (CWE)

This certification program is best suited for you if you love teaching in addition to welding. CWE certifies that you possess complete technical knowledge and have hands-on experience in welding and correctly passing it through the next generation.

This program determines the rules and standards for welding educators. CWI and CWI certifications programs can be completed at the same time because to teach; first, you must have the knowledge and experience for yourself to understand the terms and applications in a better way.

The duration depends on your previous qualifications; if you already have a CWI certificate, it will not take much time to earn CWE, but if you don’t have the prior knowledge, it may take you four to six years or more time to be able to become a welding instructor.

Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS)

If an industry wants to increase their productivity and efficiency and to reduce the cost of welding, they go for hiring a certified welding supervisor.

This certificate program helps welding inspectors, lead welders, and educators to become a supervisor and make valuable contributions in enhancing productivity.

This program helps you in learning concepts you need to supervise and how you can lead your team to the upper level in terms of quality and output.

You can only qualify for this certification program if you have the required knowledge and welding experience. As this program is not suited for beginners, it will not take much time to complete this course, and you may earn this certificate in months.

Certified Welding Sales Representative (CWSR)

If you know how to sell a thing and also have an interest in welding, this certificate program is designed for you.

If you are a person with in-depth technical knowledge of welding but don’t want to get physical with it, you can join this program to become a sales representative and help companies to grow their sales of welding tools and equipment.

To qualify for this certification program, you must have sound knowledge of the welding process and techniques, plus you should also have some practical experience for better understanding.

If you already have the required knowledge and experience, you can earn this CWSR certificate in months, and it may take years if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and expertise.

Certified Welding Engineer (CWEng)

Want to become a professional in welding, CWEng program is made for you. This program is designed to provide you with all the required knowledge from the start to the end, which will help you to become an expert in this field.

By completing this course, you may work with the upper-level management in deciding the course of procedures and appropriate techniques for welding processes.

This program develops excellent knowledge and practical experience and, therefore, can take time to complete this course based on your previous qualifications.


The list of welding certification programs does not end here; you may find other welding programs as well according to your choice and interest.

Before stepping in to learn to weld, make sure that you are aware of the tasks, challenges and requirements of the field.

Completing and earning a certification will give you an upper hand over all other non-professional welders.

Certified welders will be aware of the techniques, terminologies, safety protocols, appropriate methods for welding, and other required set of skills. Once you are awarded with a certificate, you are ready to meet the challenges.

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