DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine Review

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Start Welder with Electrode Holder, Work Clamp, Input Power Adapter Cable and Brush

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Start Welder with Electrode Holder, Work Clamp, Input Power Adapter Cable and BrushHaving top-quality welding machines is the need of the hour and is required in almost every aspect of life. As the world is moving through a period of advancement, welding machines are also needed to be upgraded to meet the challenges of today’s world.

If you are a welder or planning to start a career in the welding field, you must have taken a round of marketplace to see the different kinds of welding machines. You may have noticed that there is a wide variety of welding machines available with different features and qualities. The price also differs from product to product.

Choosing the best welding machine is not an easy task, and you might lose all your savings if you aren’t able to get the right product. Therefore, to save your money, resources, and time, here in this article, we are going to suggest you with a comprehensive review of one of the best welding machines we have found, and that is DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA ARC Welder Machine.

We have chosen this product after thorough research and going into details of different kinds of welding machines. At the end, we have found out that DEKOPRO MMA ARC Welder Machine is one of the best product to have as it rated at the top in the category and is recommended by most of the professional welders.

Plus, this welding machines come with all the latest features and designs at an affordable price and can compete with any other branded products. Further detail of its functions and qualities are mentioned below in this article and before moving to that, let’s quickly go through the specs of the product.

  • Brand: DEKOPRO
  • Size: MMA160A
  • Package Dimensions: 94 x 11.46 x 6.65 inches
  • Product Weight: 12.1 pounds
  • Material: Steel Frame and Plastic Handle
  • Input Voltage: AC110V / 220V
  • Current Range: 10-160(A)
  • Input Power: 5.8KW
  • Length of the power cord: 71.6”
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 40/ 60 (%)
  • Protection Grade: IP21S



DEKO PRO brings you an outclass welding and power tools. It is a well-known brand famous for delivering high-quality products to consumers.

The idea behind the launch of DEKO PRO was to provide reliable and long-lasting industrial solutions at an affordable cost. When you see its increasing popularity, we can say that DEKO PRO has proved itself as one of the top-rated brands, and it has achieved this by consistently maintaining the quality of the products.

A low-cost brand with ultimate high performance has become the reason why people are liking it the most. DEKOPRO products are being used all over the world by professionals and as well as learners.

DEKO PRO products are built to last with the same output as on the first day of the use. Their welding machines are designed by using the latest technology to facilitate the welders so that the work can be done proficiently and effectively. The detailed features and functions of DEKOPRO MMA Welder, 160A ARC Welder Machine, is given below.

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Start Welder with Electrode Holder, Work Clamp, Input Power Adapter Cable and Brush

Design and Features

Having a quality welder machine ease down your work and is also directly affect the output performance. By reading the detailed feature and functions of DEKOPRO MMA Welder, one can say that it is capable of doing its task correctly with high speed and precision.

Talking about the welding machine we are discussing here, the best thing we have found out that this welding machine uses the IGBT Advanced Inverter Technology, which brings several benefits to the product.

Having IGBT Advanced Inverter Technology significantly reduces the weight and size of the product with enhanced efficiency. The compact size and weight make this product completely portable, and you can easily take it with you anywhere you want.

The other main advantage of using the IGBT Inverter Technology is that it exponentially increases the overall performance of the machine as the compact design of the product dissipates less heat and energy.

DEKOPRO MMA Inverter based Welding machine speed is increased by using advanced technology and methods. It can be utilized for several applications such as industrial manufacturing, welding, construction, and metalwork. It has the ability to provide precise and accurate results with high swiftness.

To make this welding machine robust and strong, top quality material is used and is covered with a solid frame. The sturdy and structure of the machine is highly durable and can resist all weathers. With the ease of portability, you can easily carry it out with a solid handle and store it conveniently.

DEKOPRO MMA Inverter-based Welding machine comprises various processing protection systems that make sure that you get consistent power and speed at all times and increases the life expectancy of the product.

The welding machine has a built-in fan, which provides instant cooling and helps in reducing the heat disclosure. By having the cooling mechanism, you can work with this welding machine for a longer period of time.

Unlike other branded welding machines, DEKOPRO MMA Inverter based Welding machine gives you an LCD display, which shows the current reading and other necessary details.

With the addition of an LCD Display, the machine is made user-friendly and has indicator lights to point out overheating and power. It also has a current adjustment knob by which you can adjust the current as per your requirements.

DEKO Pro takes all precautionary measures in the designing of the product so that the user is not harmed in any way. This welding machine consists of an electrode holder and work clamps, which makes it easy to operate. All other accessories required to operate this welding machine are also given in the package, including the input power adaptor and brush for removing the dust.

  • Automatic power cut off protection
  • Dual Voltage capability
  • Energy efficient
  • Good welding surface
  • Lightweight and completely portable
  • Easy to use
  • Not recommended for large scale projects
Final Thought
After going through the design and features section of this article, one can say that DEKOPRO MMA ARC Welder Machine is rightly placed on the top and why it is so much popular among the welders. If you really want to get an experience of how the welding machines work, this product is most suitable for you as you can see that it has all the latest features and that too at an affordable cost. Due to the increasing demand for the product, limited stock is available at this time. Grab it before it becomes unavailable.

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