Top 6 Best Antra Welding Helmet Reviews (2024)

Best Antra Welding Helmets

Best Antra Welding HelmetsIf you are a professional, beginner, or hobby welder and you are worried about eye stress caused by rays produced during the welding process. Here is a perfect solution for your problem in the form of Antra welding Helmets.

These helmets are of high quality, durable, long-lasting battery, and an advanced quality lens.

Direct exposure to infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted during welding can damage eyesight, and it can also cause permanent blindness. So using a helmet is very important to avoid such severe injury.

Antra helmet will provide you safety and security and will protect your face and neck from harmful rays.

If you are tired of losing helmet that bothers you during the welding now, this problem has been solve because Antra helmets are adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your requirements.

Moreover, if you are sick of using heavy helmets that cause neck pain and muscle spasms, now do not worry and buy these helmets as they are lightweight, so they will make you relax and easy during welding.

The significant advantage of these helmets is that they can be used for multitasking like cutting, grinding, and welding purposes. These helmets are designed with different modern technology, making your work easy, and you can do your tasks very quickly.

All the best helmets of Antra Company are mention.  Now let us dig into the features of Antra Helmet that will help you to decide which product will be your welding partner.

Best Antra Welding Helmets

Top 6 Best Antra Welding Helmet Reviews (2024)

Antra AH6-260-0000 Welding Helmet
(Editor’s Choice)
4 Premium redundant arc sensors,auto dimming LCD shutter
Antra A77D Welding Helmet Passive Filter with Permanent shade
Antra AH7-X30P Welding HelmetAuto Dim lense,Passive Filter with Permanent shade
Antra AH7-360-0000 Welding Helmet4 Premium redundant arc sensors
Antra DP9 Welding HelmetTriple-layered auto dimming LCD shutter, Interference Suppression Technologies
Antra AH7-860-0000 Welding HelmetAccurate auto shading, Passive Filter with Permanent shade 13 to UV/IR


1. Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding HelmetIt is one of the highly recommended welding helmets. Welding helmet series Antra AH6-260 is a highly fast respondent to electric arc from plasma applications, MIG, MMA, and TIG.

This helmet is very light in weight, and it is very adaptable that it can bring in use for different purposes like welding applications, grinding, and cutting functions.

Excellent upgrade for glass welding helmets with fixed shades and goggles at a cost fragment. This welding helmet is approximate 1 pound in weight.

Antra AH6-260 series of the helmet is remarkable in performance, and this is specially design for students of welding schools, irregular welders, dye artists, and experts in welding.

It gives good head and neck safety to the user. There are many harmful substances like debris, splatters, and dangerous radiant, and powerful lights during the welding process. So it possesses a shield that plays a vital role in protecting the welder head and neck and face.

The strong and extraordinary fast auto-darkening specialty makes it very easy for the welders to see obvious previous and ongoing processes of welding. When it is all about to cut plasma or low voltage welding. It consists of widespread light shade 5-9, which provides high elasticity.

This welding helmet also consists of an elastic headgear mechanism. For adjustable adjustments, this helmet consists of different positions.

Overall, this helmet is comfortable, convenient, and light in weight and best for the welders in various welding processes. Its performance is stable even at low voltage DC TIG.

  • Easy To Use : Possesses automatic On/Off features as the lens of this helmet switch on solar cells perceive a small number of ambient lights. The features that are installed in this helmet are elementary to use.
  • Light in Weight : Another remarkable feature of this Antra AH6-260 welding helmet is that it is light in weight, approximately 1 pound, so you can quickly wear it for long time welding tasks.
  • High Quality : It has advanced technology and high quality with low price and a bundle of features, making the work easy and enjoyable for the welders and giving a sense of pleasure to the welders and providing them with safety, protection, and satisfaction.
  • Durable : It is durable, as it is long-lasting. It is evident from the positive feedback by the users of this series of the welding helmet. Durability is a plus for the users that they do not need to change their helmet very soon.
  • Automatic power On/OFF
  • Convenient
  • Comfortable performance
  • Crystal clear lens
  • Durable
  • Only black color
  • Sometimes stops triggering



2. Antra A77D Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra A77D Auto Darkening Welding Helmet It is also a fantastic welding helmet series Antra Auto-darkening A77D. With this helmet’s help, work will become more comfortable, faster, and welders can produce more products in less time. Every welder wants the helmet they use will have all the modern features and technologies.

As in some welding helmets, there are some excellent features, but on the other hand, some essential elements are not useful or not present at all. But in this helmet, you will see all the required features according to the welders’ expectations.

So by using this helmet, welders can do their work with ease and comforts. And also will enjoy their work when they have this excellent welding helmet.

It consists of a 4-corner spread sensor lens with accurate colors. It is just one helmet but can use for many purposes, such as plasma cutting, grinding, GTAW, TIG, DC, or AC. And can also use for SMAW (STICK welding) and plasma arc welding.

If not facing light directly in industrial halide lights, this helmet plays a vital role in false triggering on high reactivity setting.

This A77D series of Antra auto-darkening welding helmet has many features, which means just one helmet with a bundle of features. It has a battery setup with high efficiency.

Batteries are already-fit in this helmet, which is low in price and very readily available. In this helmet, it is easy to remove out the lens and change the batteries.

A77D Series of welding helmet used the modern technology of Antra digital auto lens. This helmet possesses a super good power system that minimizes power consumption and increases the battery’s change intervals.

If the battery gets low in this welding helmet, it has a low battery indicator with a red flashlight, and it alerts the user of the helmet to charge the battery before it is completely consumed and dies.

  • Color : Antra Welding Helmet Auto Darkening A77D is available in two exciting colors Fancy Skull, and the other is Matt Black. So the user can choose your favorite color while buying this helmet.
  • Large View Area : This welding helmet has a large View Area to minimize visual fatigue and apparent visual effects. It allows the welder to see the whole working area and make his work experience more efficient and better.
  • High-Performance Lens : This welding helmet also possesses auto-darkening lenses that are inconvenient special operation and suitable for high-level performance.
  • Comfortable : Because it has different adaptable joints, making this helmet more comfortable and easy fits on the head. It is light in weight. The user doesn’t feel the weight while wearing this helmet and can easily do his work.
  • Full neck and face protection
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple tasking helmet
  • Easily adjustable settings
  • Efficient Battery
  • No Rechargeable Batteries
  • Wide view



3. Antra AH7-X30P Digital Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH7-X30P Digital Auto Darkening Welding HelmetIf you are looking for high quality and excellent performance helmet, you should look at this remarkable series of the welding helmet. It is a digital Auto-darkening helmet with exciting different colors.

It is available in 8 different colors, including tiger, grey ghost, green ghost, carbon fiber, opera mask, black glossy, Fancy Skull, and black Matt.

It would be best to use this helmet because it has an incredible feature with a digitally controlled four sensor auto-darkening lens. So it is highly fast-reacting towards electric arc from different applications such as plasma cutting, TIG, MMA and MIG, etc.

Every person who used this helmet for their different tasks appreciate its features and qualities and give it five stars. Especially for its lightweight, value for money and also it is very convenient and comfortable for the users. The weight of this helmet is about 1.1 pounds.

Versatility is another plus point of this helmet that can use for different works like cutting, grinding, and welding purposes.

Another thing that you should notice is its beautiful and well-finished designs. The design of this helmet is so cool. Whoever uses this helmet gets compliments from others just because of its attractive designs. And its head straps are adaptable, can easily adjust, and works excellently.

It has a dual-range, which makes it much versatile. Lightweight makes it very comfortable for you because you have to look down for look time in welding tasks.

So this helmet is very light in weight on your neck, and you can easily do your work by looking down during the welding process without feeling tired and pain in your neck and head. Overall highly recommended welding helmet.

  • Quickly Operate : It can quickly operate consistent with photo flash and acquired extra clear view, not just like the usual one. That gives the welder a perfect crystal clear image of joints that he has to weld.
  • 4 Premium Arc Sensors : It is best in performance because it possesses four premium redundant arc sensors with high reacting and controlling units, which gave very fast switching time, auto shading accurately, reducing the bypass of dangerous radiant, and protecting from eye stress.
  • Battery Material : Lithium metal batteries are installed in this helmet. These metal batteries are one of the best and high-quality batteries that are good in work and long-lasting.
  • Wide Window on Welding : This helmet’s working is appreciable because adaptability is the main thing, and this helmet is fully adjustable and a plus point is that it has a wide viewing area.
  • Works perfect
  • Nice big filters
  • Light in weight
  • Automatic On/Off
  • Fairly solid helmet
  • Poor tightening clasp
  • Unreliable



4. Antra AH7-360-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet -Best For the Price

Antra AH7-360-0000 Auto Darkening Welding HelmetBefore starting the helmet description, you should know that this product got five stars and is a highly recommended helmet. It is available in two beautiful colors, Matt black, and carbon fiber.

It gives your head, neck, and faces full protection, so that’s why it is called all in one protection helmet. Another important thing about this helmet is that it possesses large windows that make it very easy to lay nice beads.

The Control unit in this helmets gets switch on LCD 2 shutters when four arc sensors find any welding arc; no arc is located in the arc sensors, then the LCD gets off by control unit switch.

You can change according to applications like the darkness of the shades, delay time and sensitivity, etc. in these helmets.

Plus, the feature of this helmet is passive UV/IR make sure that no dangerous lights can pass through it, which can be very harmful to the user. The shields in this helmet block the UV/IR radiant.

A unique and excellent crystal clear lens fits this helmet, which is complete in range. A lens with blue light suppression maintains a clear view during welding and minimizes the blue light.

Welders can see before and ongoing process of welding clearly with its super-fast, excellent auto-darkening feature. This product achieved five out of five stars because of its superb features and performance.

It is about 1 pound in weight. It possesses lithium metal batteries with an average battery life of 3 years. It lets the user have a more broad view and more versatility just because of its vast windows.

This helmet’s batteries’ performance is also impressive, which lets you work quickly, produce, and deliver products on time.

The following are some of the features and pros and cons for your better knowledge about this product. Just give a reading to the given segments and pros, cons for your better understanding, and decide whether you should buy this product or not for your welding tasks.

  • Battery Indicator : Battery Indicator and quick darkening testing buttons are also present in this helmet, making it very easy to know about the lens’s actual status.
  • Automatic ON/OFF : Automatic on/off is another feature of this helmet; the lens gets on when a solar cell gains a small number of ambient lights. And it also gets off after 15 min in the dark.
  • Flexible Headgear Mechanism : It has a flexible headgear mechanism and three control systems like delay control, sensitivity control, and shade control. It allows the welder to select the option he requires and can weld things according to his desire.
  • Light Shield : It consists of a lightweight shield for adjusting comfort with multiple joints. The welder can have a comfortable experience because a heavyweight helmet can cause more fatigue, neck pain, and firm pressure.
  • Huge windows
  • Superb functioning
  • Flexible headgear
  • Easy to operate
  • Good welder masks
  • Light in weight
  • Not a reliable hood
  • Need improvement



5. Antra DP9 Welding Helmet Auto Darkening

Antra DP9 Welding Helmet Auto DarkeningSuppose you are looking for a durable, comfortable, and easy to use helmet, than Antra Welding Helmet Auto Darkening DP9 is the perfect product for you with digital control LCD.

Its matt black with 1.1-pound weight. You will have excellent experience in the workplace with this fantastic product. Do not miss the opportunity to use this product. You can place your order and will be satisfied with the quality and performance.

If you had a bad experience in the past because of using low-quality helmets, what are you waiting to use this helmet, and its performance will make you feel good.

It has the best quality lens that will give a clear image of small joints during welding. With this helmet’s help, your welding process will become much more comfortable, and you will not believe the perfect finishing results.

The lens used in this helmet is very lovely, and its performance is excellent. This lens provides the best results in abrasive wheel cutting, grinding and plasma wheel cutting.

The welding process is not a piece of cake; this process puts stress on welders’ eyes, which is not a good thing.

This problem is now solved due to this helmet because it reduces dangerous rays that cause eye stress. If you want to carry on your work and want to avoid eye stress, make a wise choice, and order this fantastic product to make your life easier.

This helmet will give you complete safety with convenience. Users can carry on the welding process without bothering about health issues and safety problems.

It’s the lightweight, and full neck and head coverage are best for welders. They can weld in the workplace with maximum safety and a comfortable environment.

  • Lightweight : This product has a perfect design in a way that doesn’t cause neck pain and discomfort. Its material is very lightweight, which is easy to use. Users can wear this helmet for an extended period without any muscular pain and fatigue.
  • Easy to use : A simple mechanism is installed in this helmet. Users can operate it efficiently without any hazards and difficulties. It will help the user to weld things quickly without worrying about the operating system.
  • Battery : The main component of any device is its battery. This helmet has a long-lasting and durable lithium metal battery. That will help you to have a good experience with this product without worrying about battery life.  Their battery timing is also excellent, approximately with a 3-4 years warranty.
  • Full face coverage.
  • Convenient design.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Flexible adjustments.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Limited colors.
  • Less durable material.



6. Antra AH7-860-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH7-860-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet HugeIt is the best possible option for those searching for a good quality high-end helmet for their welding. Its headgear is design in a way that it fits on everyone without any problem.

Also, its headgear is the adjustable user can adjust according to his need. It is a perfect tool for all types of welders, beginners, hobby welders, and professionals.

The two-color option is available in this model of helmet matt black and carbon fiber. For a comfortable working experience and perfect fitting, this helmet is the best option.

Now you can concentrate on your work without bothering about moving of helmet during welding. You will have the best work experience with a comfortable and convenient helmet.

Another important aspect of welding is spark detection; this helmet will help users detect the spark correctly. Also, sensor darkening is controlled through this helmet, making your welding process more quick and easy.

It also reduces dangerous rays that cause eye stress, so now welders can carry out their welding process without bothering about harmful rays and eye stress.

Antra helmet made my daily welding routine so easy and quick. With the help of an antra welding helmet, my welding process becomes more quick and easy.

I can complete my work in less time just because of this antra helmet. Small joints and complicated welding areas are visible only because of these helmets.

It makes welding easy and gives more efficient results. Antra helmet is just a perfect tool for all type of welders it made my life so easy and I am glad to buy this product.

Antra helmet will provide you a great variety of welding modes that include grinding, plasma cutting, and lots of other welding techniques.

  • Auto Darkening Mode : Auto darkening mode is available in this helmet. It facilitates the welder, and he can concentrate on welding without bothering about manual adjustments. It also reduces the chances of getting harmed by dangerous rays emitted during the welding process.
  • Arc Sensors : Arc sensors are available in this helmet. It helps in the detection that enables fast switching and auto shading. It provides welder safety by reduction of harmful rays. The welder can weld different things without any tension in their eye stress and other health issues.
  • Clear window.
  • Huge viewing area.
  • Perfect darkening range.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • Dual shade level settings.
  • Comfortable headgear.
  • Irreplaceable battery.
  • Expensive.
Welding is one of the very different works that people do. As it is dangerous and challenging work, so it is essential to do safety measures before doing this work. Without proper safety measures, it is hazardous for the lives of the users. So welding helmets are specially designed to give you full protection from head to neck and save yourselves from different mishaps. Antra Welding helmets possess one of the excellent helmets designed based on modern technologies, and the features are just unique. Mostly are light in weight, which is very comfortable for the user for doing Welding tasks. It also possesses a battery Indicator and other excellent features that let you do a lot of work very quickly.

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