Lotos ltp5000d Red vs Brown Plazma Cutter -Detailed Review

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Ever since the development started, the demand for welders and the welders’ equipment and gears has seen exponential growth.

The world has totally changed with the rapid growth of technology and advancement in the digital world. So are the tools and machines.

Conventional products are no longer of use and cannot fulfill the demands of the users. With time, the tools are getting more effective, efficient, and advance in all aspects.

Lostos Lp500d Including all other tools and equipment, Plasma Cutter is one of the most important and valuable tools for the welders.

Without it, a welder cannot perform fully at his job. The plasma cutter is mostly used for cutting metals and thicknesses.

It is not limited to welders only, but it is broadly being used in many different applications. Having the latest model of Plasma cutter is essential so that it can exceptionally work well whenever required. Due to their extensive use and popularity, many companies started manufacturing it.

Since not everyone is familiar with the related terms and conditions, people get out of order products or get scammed in several other ways. Therefore, it is vital for you that you get your plasma cutter from a reputable brand and a reliable and authentic source.

Finding the right product is a challenging assignment, and it requires you to spend some time and energy on it. The working person finds it difficult to spare some time to look for the original products; we appreciate those peoples’ commitment to their work and duty. Therefore we bring them a detailed and thorough review of the finest quality plasma cutter we have found, and that is none other than the Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Plazma Cutter Brown.

Lotos ltp5000d Red vs Brown

You should be aware that Lotos Technology had introduced LTP5000D in red, but now it has been upgraded with latest tools and technology. The improved version includes and is not limited to upgraded torch, enhanced PC Board, integrated air regulator and digital display. These are some of the key features of Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Brown.

Not only it comes from a well-known brand, but it is also listed as the top-rated product and is being widely used all over the world. Many professionals now recommend this product for using it at beginners and as well at a professional level. Below we are going to talk over some key features of these products; first, let’s have a quick overview of its specifications and characteristics.

  • Color: Brown
  • Model Name: LTP5000D
  • Installation Type: Tig-welding
  • Item Weight: 19.40 pounds
  • PAPST Advanced German Cooling System
  • Power Source: AC/DC
  • Power supply type: MOSFET
  • Max Rated Clean Cut Thickness: 1/2″ (12mm)
  • Max Severance Thickness: 3/4″ (19mm)
  • Product Weight: 19.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions with handle: 15’’ (381 mm) L; 6’’ (152.4 mm) W; 12’’ (304.8 mm) H


Lotos Technolgy is an established brand bringing it with years of experience and producing exceptional quality equipment, tools, and accessories.

Lotos Technology has brought a much-needed revolution in the industry by designing and manufacturing the tools and machinery with the latest technology and high-quality materials. Almost all equipment produced by Lotos Technology is certified, highly capable, and are long-lasting.

Equipped and designed with the latest model and instruments, Lotos Technology has now introduced a Plasma Cutter named as Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Plasma Cutter, which can cater to all your needs and requirement related to plasma cutting and welding.

This plasma cutter is uniquely identified due to its exclusive features and design. For further details about this plasma cutter, let’s read a bit more and see its design and features.

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Design and Features

LOTOS Technology is a well-known brand for providing strong, portable, efficient, and affordable welding solutions. The brand is ranked on top of the list because of its consistency, durability, and effectiveness. All of its products pass through a series of tests to make sure that each and every product is safe, gives maximum output, and lasts longer.

Talking about Lotos LTP5000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, the features and design match the standard and is ranked as a highly efficient product by most of the users.

One of the distinctive features of Lotos LTP5000D is that it offers you a Non-Touch Pilot Arc Technology, which allows you to cut without touching the tip to the metal. The major benefit of having this technology is that it minimizes the distortion and allows you to cut through irregular, painted, and rusty surfaces proficiently, and produces minimal slag.

Once you receive the package, you can set it up on your own in a few minutes and start using it without facing any difficulty. The pre-installed NPT 1/4” industry type D plug and air filter regulator eliminates the need for installation, and it allows you to connect to your air compressor by using the stand coupler existing on your air compressor.

Suitable for cutting all kinds of steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals using non-hazardous compressed air, Lotos LTP5000D gives you a Max Rated Clean Cut Thickness of 1/2″ and Max Severance Thickness of 3/4″, with an input voltage of 110 V/220 V, it gives you 60% duty cycle at 50 A. Capable of working on Automatic Dual Voltage / Dual Frequency, this plasma cutter delivers consistent and precise current to the cutting surface, ensuring a smooth cut.

Based on IGBT/MOSFET high-frequency inverter technology, Lotos LTP5000D is one of the most powerful and efficient plasma cutters one can have. The efficiency is further increased by using the Pulse Width Modulation technique, which also reduces the power loss.

Lotos LTP5000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter is compatible with PCS22 or PCS33 consumable sets easily available. With all these features and functions, Lotos Technology also gives you a one-year limited warranty. So what are you waiting for? Limited stock is available, and if you are looking for a plasma cutter, go with this one without any doubt.

  • Power efficiency and low noise output
  • High cutting speed
  • Stability and reliability
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Handle for portability
  • Smooth cuts
  • NOT compatible with Lotos PCON40 or PCON90 Consumables Sets or any other third party consumables set.
Final Thought
A brand is defined by its efficiency and consistency of the product. When we talk about Lotos Technology, you will find out that it is producing and supplying the different kinds of tools and accessories for many years, and many of their products are ranked as the most-selling products, which certifies that the Lotos Technology products are reliable, efficient and are long-lasting. So if you are looking for a plasma cutter, you must try this one.

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