Review: Hobart 500576 AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter

Hobart 500576 AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter

Hobart 500576 AirForce 40i Plasma CutterAre you fed up with spending all your savings on welding tools and machines? If yes! You don’t need to worry at all. This is going to be your last investment in welding products. Go through this article, and in the end, you will have a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solution.

Plasma cutter is a product mostly used by professional welders; it is used to cut metal at high temperatures. Plasma cutting technology is widely used all over the world as it brings several benefits over other cutting techniques.

Plasma cutting is far better than traditional cutting methods. It is much faster, economical, safer, and as well as easy to use. Plus, the plasma cutter can be used on a wide variety of applications and can cut through different materials and thicknesses.

Each and every plasma cutter has its own benefits. Not all plasma cutters are capable of doing their task perfectly. Since it is a significant tool and an important machine, many companies have started manufacturing it and supplying it all over the world.

But those who are not very much familiar with the kinds of products, they end up getting the defected or faulty product and losing their money and resources. Plus, a huge risk potential at work due to the ineffective product.

Hence, it is crucial for you to have a sound knowledge of plasma cutters before you are going to get it. For that, here we will give you a brief intro of a plasma cutter and which product we think is the best for you.

Based on our thorough research, we have come to a conclusion and found out that Hobart 40i Plasma Cutter is the best available product in the market. Now, to save your time, energy, and resources, here in this article, we will present you with a detailed review of Hobart AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter, Model: 500576, which is an exclusive product of this brand.

This plasma cutter features the latest features using advanced technology and is built with long-lasting and durable materials. It is distinct and is unmatchable when compared with efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness.

For details about its features and design, continue reading this article. Before that, let’s first go through to its specifications and characteristics.

  • Brand: Hobart Welding Products
  • Item Model Number: 500576
  • Item Weight: 25.9 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 22.5 x 12.25 x 10 inches
  • Processes: Plasma (PAC)
  • Input Voltage: 110/115/120 V, 220/230/240 V
  • Strap portability
  • Max Cut: 7/8 in. (22 mm)



Hobart is one of the pioneer brand manufacturing and supplying all kinds of industrial quality welding and cutting products. It is an established brand with years of working experience, hard work, and dedication.

Hobart Welding Products never compromises on the quality of its products and is, therefore, their products remain in high demand and are supplied all over the world. From a small tool, accessory to heavy machines and equipment, Hobart offers you a wide variety of products that can fulfill your needs and requirements.

Hobart offers you many options when talking about plasma cutters depending on the type of work you required. Here we are going to review a product that is perfect for all and works perfectly well in all situations.

Whether you need to do a project at your home or you need to use it for professional purposes, Hobart AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter, Model: 500576, is here for you to do all your work effectively.

Hobart 500576 AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter

Design and Features

Hobart Welding Products are the best products in the market; the Air Force 40i Plasma cutter is one the top-rated and most selling plasma cutter with all the latest features and functions. Durability and efficiency are what make Hobart Welding Products the best of all.

Hobart Air Force 40i Plasma Cutter is available in different models, each with its own identity, design, and function. But, when it comes to model 500576, it beats all others in all categories.

The enhanced design of this model makes it the perfect plasma cutter for you. It is made portable with a lightweight design and consumes much less space than previous versions and other plasma cutters. The shoulder strap is also attached to make it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. With reduced weight and body, efficiency is increased.

To make it more feasible and versatile, Dual-Voltage capability is added with Multi-Voltage Plug technology. Now you can use this plasma cutter on 120 or 240 V power voltage without the use of any other external tool.

Unlike other plasma tools and machines, Hobart Air Force 40i Plasma cutter is designed and built with Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuitry, due to which it consumes 30% less amperage for the same cutting range as compared to the other expensive plasma cutters.

To make sure that your work is not affected by power fluctuation, Hobart Air Force 40i Plasma cutter gives Line Voltage Compensation LVC, by which it provides uninterrupted performance under variable input voltage conditions.

With a wide range of applications, Hobart Air Force 40i Plasma cutter has a Pilot arc controller, which lets you cut expanded, pricked, painted, or coated metals without affecting the torch.

One of the unique features of Hobart Air Force 40i Plasma Cutter is that it is integrated with Automatic gouging consumable detection, which eliminated the need for manually adjusting the gas pressure.

Making use of the Wind Tunnel Technology, it prevents the components from getting affected by the external environmental conditions and from the dust particles.

With all these unique and distinctive features, functions, and design, Hobart Welding Products offers you a Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty. This ensures a Five-year warranty on transformers, stabilizers, and main rectifiers; three years on generators, PC boards, and drive systems; and one year on guns.

  • XT40R torch
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Internal gas/air filter and regulator
  • Post-flow cooling circuit
  • Compatible with engine-driven welders
  • Starts without high frequency
  • Fan-On-Demand
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Quickly adjust the amperage on the front of the machine with the single knob design
  • The power cord is not extendable
Final Thought
Without a plasma cutter, the tool bag of welders is not complete. Instead of spending your money on trying different products, why not purchase a product which is reliable, efficient, and long-lasting. Hobart Welding Product has introduced Hobart Air Force 40i Plasma Cutter, which is built with keeping in mind the industrial demand.

With all the latest functions and programs, this plasma cutter is ranked among the top and is recommended by professionals. This plasma cutter is not less than any other branded and expensive plasma cutter in terms of quality and reliability. Order it and use it for your lifetime.

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