Top 10 Best Welding Helmet 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Top 10 Best Welding Helmet – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Welding Helmet 2020 – Reviews & Top PicksAre you a welder or have a job connecting with metal?  Then the most significant thing you should care about is safety gear.

The welding helmet is one of the most significant safety gear you have to prepare for yourself before operating the welding task. For a thing like safety gear, you should not care more about cost but experience the product is offering.

The best welding helmet always offers a safe and better welding experience when you are too close to flying fire spark.

Besides, a good welding helmet of the best brand can protect eyes from the arc and the emission of UV rays during the arc.

View range, safety standards and shade range are the focal features that make a welding helmet favourable to use in different welding processes.

Considering the importance of welding helmets, there are known brands that have produced modern welding helmets which are light in weight and holds high-tech features.

Do you think your welding helmet is good enough? Or you don’t know how to get the right one, and then let’s get started with:

Does your helmet adjust quickly when you begin welding? Does your helmet have enough variability of shade for bright light and the darker shade for indoor conditions? What about the view screen size and ventilation of the helmet?

These are the common questions we all need to ask while getting the best welding helmet.

We researched well and thoroughly check insight about welding helmets and features before presenting it to you. Simply check out these 10 best welding helmet reviews to get one best suited for you.

As we briefly discussed above key features to look for when you are all set to get the right welding helmet but sometimes things turn out to be difficult.

It is also necessary to know the market saturation these days as you will see varieties of helmets with state-of-the-art features, available inexpensive cost. As awareness can help you select the right helmet also you would know well where to invest money.  To make things crystal clear and easy, do check out the buyer’s guide mentioned below.

We have listed down top-rated welding helmets after thorough comparison and unique differences in features as well as cost. We will be seeing the best welding helmets reviews, which are available in the market.

Let’s get started with the best welding helmet 2024:

Best Welding Helmet – Reviews & Top Picks

Top 10 Best Welding Helmet 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
(Editor’s Choice)
True color, Solar Power, Auto Dardening
ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding HelmetColor Touch Screen Control Panel,High impact resistance nylon
Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 welding helmetTrue color, Auto darkening lens
Miller 280045 Infinity Series Welding HelmetClearLight Lens Technology, 4 Operating Modes
DekoPro XG30-Solar Powered Welding HelmetOptimal Eye Protection, Auto -Darkening
Jackson Safety 46101 welding helmetUltra-Lightweight, Clean View
3M Speedglass 100 Welding HelmetVerstile Eye and Face Protection, Works with 3 types of welding
Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmetCrystal Lens, Autopilot,Auto Darkening
Weldcote Metals Ultraview Plus Welding HelmetSolar Powered, True Color, Auto Darkening
TACKLIFE Professional PAH03D Welding HelmetFull Shade Range, Clear Large Vision


1. YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – Best Budget Welding Helmet

YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – Best Budget Welding HelmetHere we are presenting our first welding helmet Yeswelder Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, as the manufacturer is not much known but a pretty reliable company for safety gadgets.

This latest version helmet by yeswelder is specially designed to provide a perfect combo of versatility, comfort and premium optics.

Moreover its superior design with grind and cut mode, this welding helmet is also upgraded with true colour technology to offer better clarity of 1/1/1/2 optical. It is counted one among the best auto-darkening welding helmet on the market.

Besides, this welding mask not just enable you to see better but wider as it carries a large viewing area of around 3.93″X3.66″ to offer a range of vision and enhanced operator control.

Unlike another welding helmet, this LYG-M800H holds pivot style headgear with a comfortable and thick cushion that simultaneously offer easy settings, adjustability and value-added support.

The manufacturer really has made great improvements and done an exceptional job with better clarity and visibility similarly to the 4 premium arc sensor shade makes it super versatile.

It can effectively block the harmful wavelength radiations such as IR and UV lights and it provides complete security to your skin.

The LYG-M800H is the safest and latest version welding helmet meets both technical and safety standards ANSI Z87.1 and EN379.

However, the helmet’s outer covering is made of durable and strong premium-grade material but it weighs surprisingly very less to make this helmet most desirable.

  • Best fit for TIG MIG MMA, grinding features along with plasma applications
  • Comes with a super large viewing size
  • Upgraded with true colour technology for improved clarity, real colour view and visibility without typical lime green colouring that irritates eyes
  • It also exalted with increased battery life
  • Wide range of shades
  • It auto darken instantly without any effort
  • Comes with 3 replacement lens and 1 lithium battery
  • Headgear seems to be a little problematic



2. ESAB Sentinel A50 – Best welding helmet for beginners

ESAB Sentinel A50 – Best welding helmet for beginnersIf you are looking for a welding helmet than can fully satisfy your need and safety, here is the right option for you, Esab Sentinel A50.

This is the helmet one of its kind, has every ability and features that can satisfy everyone. Designed and produced by the Swedish company ESAB, it is considered a flagship brand in the market world of welding supplies.

They basically intend to create something out of the blue, which is not at all similar to conventional welding helmets. Well, no wonder the idea of creating something especial really worked as Esab Sentinel A50 provides great protection from sparks to harmful radiations.

The hood weighs just 1.4 lbs, similarly, it is surprisingly comfortable, you may wonder if you have something on your head.

Moreover, the helmet featured a five-point HALO headgear that makes it ideal for long working hours. This advanced welding helmet do not just modern in looks but it also proposed great features like a high-quality lens, coloured touch screen and large viewing point.

The helmet has so many other properties which are worth discussing, for example, its auto-darkening and true colour lenses technologies are world-class.

Where the large viewing area increases the range of view for you, likewise, the Esab A50 offers pretty high optical clarity with the optical class rating of 1/1/1/2.

Whereas the LCD screen along touch screen feature makes the adjustments or setting even easier for beginners or novice.

  • Featuring auto-darkening shade ranges from 5 to 13
  • Works well with TIG welding
  • Comes with 4 arc sensors
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted from low to high
  • It offers adjustable five-point headgear
  • Even backed by 3-years warranty
  • Hefty price a big problem



3. Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 welding helmet –Best Welding Helmet for overhead

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 welding helmet –Best Welding Helmet for overheadNext up on the list, we have Viking 3350 by Lincoln Electric; it is one of the most popular welding helmets on the market all because it’s larger viewing area, highest possible optical rating and much more.

This generation 4 welding helmet defines its class of production through the premium blend of optics, productivity and comfort. What one can think of the best welding helmet must-have, this Viking 3350 has it all.

The hood used an exclusive 4C lens technology that is responsible for offering true colour, crystal clear view of arc & puddle. Likewise, it strengthens control while enhances the quality of welding as well as reduces eye strain.

Also, it features the highest possible optical rating so far in the whole market and delivers a huge field of view.

You cannot overlook the most impressive feature of Lincoln Viking 3350, it is equipped with a high sensitivity lens that also performs best while welding with low amp TIG.

Although the previous version of the helmet had a flaw that there was not any outside grinding button but all thanks to Lincoln for the moderation, now on the upper left side of the mask there is clear grind button.

You just need 3 seconds to switch from light to dark mode or vice versa, isn’t it super quick?

This smart mask is also used sunlight differentiation feature, the helmet can detect the difference of sunlight and welding arc so there will be no flash when you are in an open area.

It is made up of strong and sturdy material so no need to worry about damage. It featured X6 adjustable headgear designed in the shape of the head for even distribution of weight all along 6 points.

  • Auto-darkening and 4C lens technology
  • Shade level varies from 5-13
  • Featuring 4 arc sensor
  • Long battery life
  • Very light in weight
  • Highest optical clarity rating 1/1/1/1
  • Solar charging
  • 3 years warranty
  • Headgear seems to have some problem in adjustability



4. Miller 280045 Infinity Series Welding Helmet –Best welding helmet

Miller 280045 Infinity Series Welding Helmet –Best welding helmetAre you in need of helmet with the largest viewing area in the industry? Your search ends here, Miller 280045 welding helmet from the infinity series delivers the utmost viewing area in the entire industry.

Its 13.4 viewing area along with widescreen format offers you wide range view while welding. However, the Miller 280045 welding helmet upgraded headgear for additional support, comfort as well as for extensive adjustments.

This welding helmet is equipped well with Clearlight lens technology used to provide high-definition optics to help you with accurate arc recognition.

Likewise,the manufacturer used advanced lens technology known as InfoTrack for tracking and displaying arc timing, timer functions, help menu, etc.

It also helps with four modes of digital versatility for cutting application and welding which includes cut, weld, grind as well as x-mode.

Additionally, it has 4 independent arc sensors that offer utmost lens response,especially for low amp welding. Likewise, its x-mode prevent lens darkening due to sunlight and opening of the low-amperage lens from a blocked sensor.

Besides, the Miller 280045 welding helmet is also equipped with digital controls to enable you to easily adjust sensitivity, shades and delay.

  • Claim to have the largest viewing area in the industry
  • Upgraded and improved headgear provides maximum comfort
  • 4 arc sensors & 4 mode
  • It meets both standards ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA
  • Shades rating 5 to 8
  • 3 years lens warranty
  • Low shade levels

Read a Detailed Review, Best Miller Welding Helmet Review


5. DekoPro XG30-Solar Powered Welding Helmet –Best budget welding helmet

DekoPro XG30-Solar Powered Welding Helmet –Best budget welding helmetAnother option on the list added for those who are looking for an economical welding helmet. The solar-powered welding helmet belongs to reputed and renowned brand DekoPro.

Before we start digging in technical details of DekoPro XG30, you must know that the unique design gave a surprise to everyone as it became the perfect aesthetic for high-end performance, safety, the field of vision and comfort.

Also, it is light in weight with comfortable and smooth headgear, by using multiple combinations and adjustments one can easily contour to fit with personal settings, less pressure and comfort fit.

Designwise, perfect now come to the performance, DekoPro helmet offers optima eye protection against UV and IR rays with shade 16. 1/1/1/2 rating & instant auto-darkening filter switches.

With so many of state-of-the-technologies and advanced features, this XG30 is the helmet became the optimal choice for professionals even novice. Its manual adjustment feature enables you to customize features with ease.

This amazing mask is equipped with sensitivity and delay settings that simultaneously makes it ideal helmet to use in varied environments and different task durations.

The large viewing area is although a key feature but the clear view area of 3.85’’ x 3.15’’ also offers a variation of luminous transference, diffusion of rays as well as easy angle dependency makes it a great hit.

We will not be saying that DekoPro XG30 is completely flawless but what makes it stand out are the features like cost-effective and best for various environments.

  • Auto-darkening filter with 1/1/1/2 rating
  • Shade range 9 to 13
  • Unique design with adjustable settings for the best fit
  • Lightweight
  • Solar-powered
  • It meets well with technical and safety standard of ANSI Z87.1 and
  • Small viewing area
  • Not really comfortable but lightweight



6. Jackson Safety 46101 – best welding helmet for beginners

Jackson Safety 46101 – best welding helmet for beginnersJackson Safety is the brand does not need any introduction; they have set their own standards of producing innovative safety solutions, lasting value, unparalleled features and whatnot.

Jackson safety 46101 is the smart welding helmet version intended and design for beginners to support them with many cutting-edge features like top-notch clarity, viewing area, shades range, digital control and much more.

Don’t get excited it has nothing to do with Captain America, it’s just the character’s theme is being used in designing out of innovation.

Needless to say that the safety provides through helmets of the same company has been matchless likewise this helmet version crafts with superior performance WH40 auto-darkening filters, enabling users to adjust in different conditions.

The hood holds 3.93 x 2.36 inches viewing area to propose a clear view during all welding stages. We cannot forget its most impressive feature that is delayed and sensitivity adjustments system for various task and different durations. At the same time it includes 4 independent arc sensors and with variable shades ranges from 9 – 13.

Another advantage of this ADF helmet is lightweight, nylon-made helmet is a good option for beginners but having said that it is not a helmet without any flaw. The major issue we have with the hood is its cost, would have been better if it was pocket-friendly.

  • The attractive design provides comfort and next-level support
  • Auto-darkening background digital controller enables the user to switch to weld, grind or cutting without taking it off
  • It is light in weight
  • No need to lift hood all through welding
  • Offer clean wide view
  • Shade levels vary from 9 to 13
  • Adjustable and comfortable mounting gear
  • Crappy headgear often fall or stuck in hairs
  • Not really sturdy as it made up of nylon



7. 3M Speedglass 100 Welding Helmet–Best Welding Helmet

3M Speedglass 100 Welding Helmet–Best Welding HelmetThe 3M Speed glass is a capable welding helmet, manufactured and produced by the reputable 3M. The brand is perfectly described as a genre of innovation and technology when it comes to industrial and commercial gadgets.

The trusted and reputed company known for its consistency in value and superior quality of products.The same goes with 3M Speedglass welding helmet, certainly not economical but has some high-end features for the price.

The helmet comes with ready to use the lens that offers three sensitivity settings including normal for both indoor and outdoor, when other welders work nearby and for stable arc welding.

The speed glass 100 proposes user-selectable shade levels varies from 8 to 12, also there is a light shade 3 available for users.

Its auto-darkening built-in filter system reacts faster after striking arc for optimal view. Speaking of this, the users do not need to flip up the viewing lid because of the auto-darkening filter which is an impressive kick of this helmet.

It comes fully assembled similarly provide sensitivity adjustments to use with TIG, MIG and arc welding applications.

Whereas it offers a relatively small viewing area of 1.73 inches high x 3.66 inches wide which is of course count as a flaw but surprisingly offer excellent optical quality.

Additionally, the helmet block harmful rays and sparks well also protect eyes from extraordinary changes in brightness or bright light.

While costly, I recommend this to you if you are dealing with stick welding mainly.

  • Auto-darkening filter with adjustable settings
  • It darkens instantly after arc striking
  • With 1 pound of weight, it is lightweight
  • A variable shade range varies from 8 to 12
  • Versatile helmet
  • Very expensive
  • Small viewing area



8. Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmet –Best Welding helmet

Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmet –Best Welding helmet 2020Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmet is rated best-in-the-industry hood by Optrel, it is not we are faking but the customer and market reviews referred to it.

TheOptrel Crystal’s space-age design is obviously one among its other most fascinating features, which is certainly eye-catching but hardly be a reason to buy this big fish, right?

So far there is no other competition or brand have shown enough courage to add on revolutionary feature in form of blending true colour filter with 2.0 shade rating in a welding helmet for utter brightness, clarity and clearness.

We must admire the initiative that really makes it a great kick in the whole market, no wonder.

Manufacturer carried out innovative crystal lens technology, to offer welders a crystal-clear view for all working environments. Additionally, it is featuring 31% light transmission in bright condition both with well-lit room or sunlight with a clear view.

Whereas its autopilot feature, responsible for auto bright detection and shade level adjustments is the same as its other models such as Panoramaxx and VegaView 2.5.

Anyway, it’s automatically changing brightness level and shade level is indeed a smart and one of an impressive feature. Either, you can even switch it off and can use manual way to change shades using the knob on left.

Another feature that ups the Optrels helmet’s wow measure is twilight ADF technology, when other ADF lenses which instantly return to light, Optrel reinstate light in a wholly natural way.

  • True colour separate this helmet from bad ones
  • Angular dependence to adjust from 120 degrees to 60 degrees
  • Outside adjustments
  • Shade level 2.0 and manual shade level 4 to 12
  • 3 arc sensors
  • 460g weight
  • None



9. Weldcote Metals Ultraview Plus Welding Helmet –Cool Welding Helmets

Weldcote Metals Ultraview Plus Welding Helmet –Cool Welding HelmetsHere comes another welding helmet on the list with good ratings, Ultraview Plus Welding Helmet from Weldcote Metals is probably one of the revered masks in the industry due to its top-notch features.

Although a stylish helmet but offer comfort, protection and relatively larger viewing area, makes it best for the price.

Ultraview Plus mask offers a 39% larger viewing area then welding helmets of similar price, definitely an added ups to its positive measure.

Besides, this helmet featured digital display which is very easy to read to do all the adjustments – we consider it an impressive feature for those welders who work in the hard conditions, do not need enough time adjusting the controls.

This Weldcote Metals’ version is enforced shade range level from 9 to 13, 4 arc sensors and by offering the switching time of just 0.08s they ensure that welders have the best possible welding experience which is safe as well.

We cannot ignore the major flaw Ultraview Plus welding helmet that is headband is not durable enough, this fragile part may come across damage easily but fortunately, 3 years limited warranty claim may assist you with it.

Quick light or brightness change is the biggest issue while welding the Ultraview Plus mask carried out 4 arc sensors, which reacts very fast with just a transition time of 0.8ms.

Speaking of all adds and odds of Ultraview Plus Welding Helmet, it is simply fascinated that people who used it, find it good safety gear with all useful features.

  • It is utmost comfortable to wear and protective
  • Attractive design
  • Built-in solar energy batteries
  • 3 memory settings
  • 4 arc sensors
  • True colour technology
  • Variable shade ranges from 5 to 9 for grinding and cutting
  • Digital display controlling
  • Shade level varies 9 to 13
  • 3-year warranty available
  • A bit heavy to wear on head



10. TACKLIFE Professional PAH03D Welding Helmet – Best budget welding helmet

TACKLIFE Professional PAH03D Welding Helmet – Best budget welding helmetLastly, on the list, we want to close it with the pocket-friendly but competent & professional option.  PAH03D Welding Helmet by Tacklifeis the smart innovation of some high-tech systems and aesthetics.

When it comes to visibility I would rate 9 out of ten for this PAH03D mask without taking another guess.

After all with this 3.94” x 2.87” much larger viewing area, what else can you expect, not just extremely larger view area but its great dynamics include sensors possession on every corner of the lens that is why sensitivity matter is like peanut for the user.

With that said, it is enforced with auto-darkening lenses which automatically change shade or light according to your working environment. This helmet is crafted for extreme durability as the material polyamide-nylon is used to make its impact and corrosion-resistant.

Premium quality optical glass is used to make PAH03D Welding Helmet safe and protected in every way possible.

Similarly, the wide ranges of shade levels provide users with great comfort during welding and non-welding applications. Next plus of this helmet is the addition of adjustable headband that enables the user to customize it with the personalized fit.

In case you are wondering about comfort and lightweight, TacklifePAH03D Welding Helmet is bang on, as it is light in weight so you can carry it for a long time while working. On the other hand, its dustproof and eco-friendly lithium battery offers long-lasting working duration with great comfort.

  • It offers a clear large vision
  • Auto-darkening reacts quickly
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Light in weight
  • Variable shade ranges (3,3-8,9-13)
  • An awesome grinding feature used for TIG, MIG and MMA plasma
  • The manufacturer offers 2 years of product service time
  • Some people encountered a problem with the filter


Watch out,what are you choosing?

Hopefully, you have read these top 10 cool welding helmets and now you have got a good idea about their unique differences. But do you know why a good quality welding mask is so essential, what are the things you should know and how to select the right welding helmet for better safety?

Here we present to you comprehensive buying guide on welding helmet which carried every insight help you to make the right selection of helmet. 

Welding helmet – A Safety Gear

Essentially welding is the process creates three wavelengths of lights which include infrared light (IR), visible light and ultraviolet light (UV).

These wavelength lights are harmful in certain ways and can harm eyes, skin and body parts. The welding helmet that covers face and neck can keep you safe from skin burn, so a full-coverage helmet is what you need most while welding.

What does a good welding helmet do?

Modern welding mask mainly carried special darkened glass to protect your eyes from harmful bright lights and fire sparks.

Whereas shade level of the filter glass is measured in number, a higher number indicates the darker shade. However,some helmetshold single shade level glass which is not preferable if you are into welding too much.

Similarly shade level of 10 or more is not really ideal, you will hardly see anything if you are not welding. Striking an arc is way too difficult in this way you have to lift the hood in any way.

So for a solution to this, auto-darkening filters were introduced, glass darkens instantly while reacting to the bright flare while arcing striking.

Although passive welding helmet also performs great with their fixed shade lens, much better with 9 and 10.

Important factors to look for

Filtering and covering are the sectors you need to pay extra attention while selecting a welding mask. Here we briefly define you most important helmet features that need to check utmost:

  • Coverage: it must cover your face, ear, scalp and neck
  • Filtering: shade level of lens or glass should be 9 or above
  • Auto-Darkening: shade levels & sensitivity should be adjustable
  • Viewport size: it must show clear to avoid the collision
  • Weight: heavy helmets are such a big pain, ignore it
  • Comfort: headgear should be padded and do check that it must stay tight
  • It must meet safety standard ANSIZ87.1

Does the helmet stand with molten slag as well as with sparks and debris?

You should balance features in the comparison of material, price and quality. Don’t get trapped by wild decorations and ultramodern shapes.

Top Picks

  1. Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmet
  2. YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  3. 3M Speedglass 100 Welding Helmet

TACKLIFE Professional PAH03D Welding Helmet

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