Top 12 Best Portable Welding Machine Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 12 Best Portable Welding Machine Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 12 Best Portable Welding Machine Reviews & Buying GuideI have started a new welding business, and in less than a month, I was able to complete multiple welding projects just because of these advanced and amazing welding machines.

It’s been a while since I was looking for a new business at an affordable and cheap price, then I read reviews about these welding machines and realize that no one has such technology in the market.

These welding machines neither have a large size, nor they have an enormous weight, and they even don’t require an expert to operate them.

If you’re looking for a portable, small, convenient, and cheap welding machine, then these are some of the best Portable welding machines you’ll ever encounter.

These devices are equipped with the latest inverter technology that not only provides you the necessary power but saves loads of energy for you.

Whether you want to weld mild steel, stainless steel, iron, or any other material, these welding machines will never disappoint you.

These devices are made up of high-quality material, which makes them durable and long-lasting and saves you from any unwanted injury.

Their working efficiency, portable size, and advanced design make them the top welding machines.

After extensive and in-depth research, we are about to introduce you with the top 12 best portable welding machines, so hold tight, stay tuned, and enjoy a fantastic journey of mesmerizing features.

Top 12 Best Portable Welding Machine Reviews & Buying Guide


Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder
(Editor’s Choice)
Gasless/flux-core, welds 24-gauge
DEKOPRO MMA/ARC Welder MachineDual Input Voltage
Goplus ARC Welder, Lift TIG Welding MachineDual Input Voltage
Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc WelderTiG, Lift arc TIC Capable
ZENSTYLE Arc Welding MachineDual Voltage, Stick Arc
AUTOOL EMW-508 ARC Welding MachineOverheat Protection, Dual Voltage
VIVOHOME Portable MIG Welder MachineAdjustable Welding Speed
Lincoln Electric K2278-1Welds up to 1/8 in,
Mophorn Arc WelderDual Voltage MMA Arc Welding
Goplus MIG 130 Welder4 level adjustable heating
Amico ARC-160D, Inverter DC WelderDual voltage
ZENY Arc Welding Machine3 Levels Protection


1. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder -Cheap Affordable

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG WelderNow you can have a fast and easy welding experience with this -140 FC-I welding machine with its upgraded and latest welding option.

This welding machine provides you an infinite voltage and wire feed speed control so you can weld every desired corner as an entry-level welder.

Here you’ll get a powerful output of 140-Amp, which makes sure that you can weld mild steel easily without using any force.

The outer covering of this welding machine is made up of a robust and durable material, which makes it long-lasting.

Even with its small size, this machine can handle two and ten-pound rolls of wire.

The total weight of this welding machine is around 19-pounds, so you can take it anywhere with you and use it for multiple purposes.

Whether you’re using it for maintenance, repair, or metal fabrication, this welding machine has everything to satisfy your needs.

Its other accessories include an 8-MIG gun, eight ground clamp, an integrated handle with torch wrap, and a 15-20A adaptor.

With so many different accessories and features, this welding machine has everything to become the best portable welding machine.

If you run a shop or looking for a welding machine for your personal use, this one will surely help you in all circumstances.

This device’s dimension is 16.7 x 12 x 8.1 inches, and it comes with a 12-months warranty.

  • Compact body: The exterior design and covering of this welding machine is created in a way that it can withstand high temperature, dust, rain, and any other harsh weather, this feature makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • Lightweight and portable: The total weight of this device is 19-pounds with a very convenient and small size, enabling you to carry it around easily and weld the hardest metals.
  • Easy to operate: Even with a basic welding knowledge, you can manage this machine easily. A simple wire feed speed control assures you complete control on your device and provides you a safe welding process.
  • It is highly recommended for first-timers.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Adjustable voltage.
  • Small and powerful
  • The adaptor quality is a bit low.



2. DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder, 160A ARC Welder Machine

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder, 160A ARC Welder MachineDeko (designed for extra-ordinary kindness only) has launched a state of the art Arc welder machine that has gain popularity so quickly in the welding industry.

This Arc welder got its fame due to the simplicity of stick welding, also known as Shield metal arc welding (SMAW).

There are many reasons for this product’s success, but the weight of this product makes this product unique. This product is only 12 pounds heavy. It is one of the lightest welding machines of its type.

The arc welder is built from plastic and steel that gives it a stylish look with a strong body. The combo of yellow and grey color makes the welder look more stunning.

The arc welder contains a handle that allows us to carry it anywhere, and its compact design makes the arc portable. This popular welder is probably the best portable welding machine, which is present in the welding industry.

The arc welder uses such technology, which proves to be useful for both home and professional usage that made this Arc welder more suitable for welders than other welding machines.

This exceptional arc welder uses IGBT technology to work efficiently and save power along with a unique control system, which further improves the welding machine’s performance and reliability.

The new feature that Deko introduced in their product is closed-loop feedback control; this feature allows the output to be stable and increase the electricity network’s adaptability.

Along with this feature, the arc welders are way more energy efficient than other arc welders, increasing the welding frequency and decreasing the damage.

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Welding machines often work equally on the material and struggle against steel; however, this arc welder is suitable against stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and other metals.

This arc welder comes in a package with other handy accessories that are hand for this arc welder. The accessories include an electrode holder, brush, input adapter, clamp, and owner’s manual.

  • Sturdy design: The lightweight arc welder has a durable body, solid frame, and easy to store. It is does a great job for personal and commercial operations.
  • High efficiency: The arc welder works more efficiently as it has a mute fan that increases efficiency and prevents the machine from overheating and provides protection.
  • Stable current: Deko has made sure that the machine gets stable current. The welding machine matches the current with the voltage it is getting and regulates the current accordingly and provides steady current.
  • Multiple uses: There are various uses of the arc welder. Its high-efficiency and low-cost cutting control allow the machine to be widely used. The welding machine is useful for automobile manufacturing, site work, plumbing, high-quality welding, and metal processing.
  • Strong weld
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • The ground clamp is a bit soft.
  • The electrode holder could be better.



3. Go plus ARC Welder, 200 AMP Lift TIG Welding Machine -Best for the Price

Go plus ARC Welder, 200 AMP Lift TIG Welding MachineGo plus Arc welder is a premium welding machine that is designed for professional welding. Various features make this arc welder a successful and trending professional welding machine. One of the significant elements that have increased this product’s popularity is its TIG function.

The TIG function prevents the tungsten from being filthy by the material. It is ideal for high-frequency DC TIG and MMA welding. The lightness of this machine makes it a reliable tool. The welding machine’s weight is 16 pounds, which is a lighter machine than other bulky welding machines.

The go plus arc is a popular product by Superbuy, which is probably the best welding machine brand. It is equipped with under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, current protection, overload protection, and nylon panel. It is safer than other products.

The arc welder features advance IGBT inverter technology to save energy and work efficiently. Along with this technology go plus arc welder has anti-sticking technology which prevents the object from sticking.

Other than these features, the welding machine has some impressive features like arc stability, no overheating, and hot arc start.

Steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel alloy, bronze, are the benchmarks which are suitable for this arc welder. This jewel of Superbuy is very handy in energy fluctuations as it can run on different volt either low as 110 or high as 220, it can auto-switch between them accordingly.

The output of this machine is stable and straightforward. It makes a quick connection for the output than other welding machines. The arc welder is more convenient than other welding machines.

Being a dual voltage welder means you can get this welder on any regular house plug. The lightweight and plastic handle allows this machine to carry it anywhere.

Go plus arc welder has other accessories that are essential for this welding machine.  These accessories come along with this machine in a package. The package includes a face mask, earth clamp, electrode holder, strap, brush, and UL certified adaptor.

  • Energy-saving: The latest welder of super buy features advances IGBT inverter technology to save energy and increase efficiency and anti-sticking technology that prevent the welding object from sticking.
  • Running on Low voltages: The arc welder is one of the most delicate welding machines. The welding machine has dual voltage technology that allows the welding machine to run on even low voltages as 110 volts.
  • Lift TIG function: The professional go plus arc welder has lift TIG function, which prevents the tungsten of the welding from being soiled by other material.
  • Hot arc start
  • Anti-sticking
  • The plastic protection plate is not working.



4. Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST -Best Rated

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100STIf you are looking for a portable arc welder, then Forney Easy arc welder might be the best welding machine.

This machine is a very decent and small welding machine for home use. People prefer this machine because of various reasons, which include lightweight, portability, and affordable for everyone.

There are a lot of unique features in this welding machine which is useful for domestic use. However, this arc welder is not for professional use, so one should take notice before buying this machine. Other than this issue, this machine is a gem for domestic use.

The welder weighs only about 13 pounds, which is an excellent feature for a small welder. The material used in the construction of the welding machine is metal that gives it a sleek design, and the green color of the machine gives it an attractive look. The dimensions of this small machine are 16.25 x 8 x 12.5 inches.

The Forney industries incorporation made this welding machine a TIG capable welder that made this machine one of the top portable welding machines.

TIG technology saves tungsten from being contaminated. There is no rocket science in using this machine as it is effortless to use, even an amateur welder can easily use it.

The welding machine is pretty simple; it doesn’t have a lot of complicated mechanisms or features. The machine needs 120 volts as input voltages, and it gives the output of 90-ampere current. It has an inverter power system that allows the machine to consume less energy than non-inverter welding machines.

The portable arc welder can weld 16 gauge up to 5/16 and handles up to 1/8 electrode.

There are recommended accessories, which include paid. Accessories that are obligatory for the Forney easy arc welder includes eight electrode holders and eight ground clamps,  straight head chipping hammer, Argon/ CO2 flow meter, Ground cable & clamp, TIG accessories (paid) and user manual.

  • Inverter Power System: The portable welding machine has an inverter power system. This advance technology lets your machine to work swiftly, efficiently and saves power.
  • Tungsten Safety: TIG technology is not so common in small welders; this welding machine has TIG technology, which saves the tungsten from other material.
  • Good Welding: Forney has made this welding machine far better than other products; this machine does an excellent job while welding; it welds strong and good. It can weld 16 gauge up to 5/16.
  • Use low voltage input.
  • High quality build.
  • Excellent price.
  • Slightly underpowered.



5. ZEN STYLE Arc DC Inverter Welding Machine -Cheap Affordable

ZEN STYLE Arc DC Inverter Welding MachineZen style, one of the best welding machine brands, has recently launched its new product in the welding industry, which has gained popularity in the market. The product is known as Zen Style arc welding machine.

The welding machine is a high-quality professional welder especially built for domestic and professional welding.

The new successful product by Zenstyle has made sure to make this machine look great.  The machine is constructed from steel, which gives a solid body, stunning finish, and red color made it look more stylish and attractive.

The machine can be used for multiple purposes like mild welding steel, aluminum, stainless and other metals. It can be used for repairing, maintenance, and light industry.

The arc welder weighs 17 pounds, which makes this machine lightweight than other bulky machines; its handle and compact design make it portable, which allows us to carry it easily.

With this machine, you don’t need to worry about low volts and energy fluctuations as this machine works on dual volts. The welding machine has advance dc inverter technology, which gives the leverage of saving energy and work efficiently.

This arc welder can be plug into 110-volt house-plug. This magnificent welder converts AC to DC and then provide current and volts.

The welder tackles the overheating problem with the heat dissipation mechanism. You don’t need to worry about the heating problem and continuous usage.

The machine needs the input of 115 to 220 volts. It is adjustable, the machine auto-switch between them. Other than that, the welding machine has an output of 20 to 160 ampere it best works at 160.

The welding machine is quite safe than other professional typical welding machines. It has over current protection, overload protection, under volt protection, and under volt protection. This protection ensures the machines’ and your security.

The machine comes in a package along with electrode holder and 5 feet cable, work clamp and 6.7 feet Cable, input power adapter cable and plug.

  • Safe to use: This benchmark product of Zen style has four protection. The manufacturers have ensured the safety of the machine along with the user. This arc welder has overvolted protection, under volt protection, over current, and overload protection.
  • Inverter from AC to DC: The arc has the latest inverter technology. The technology converts AC to DC, and then it comes to the transformer, which further provides the current and voltage to the machine.
  • Heat dissipation: Zen style has made it sure to eliminate the overheating problem in their product. They have introduced a heat dissipation mechanism to eradicate this issue, with that this mechanism has improved the performance of the product.
  • Amperage dial 360 spins.
  • Excellent airflow.
  • For professional and commercial use.
  • Short electrode and ground cable.



6. AUTOOL EMW-508 ARC Welding Machine -Best for the Money

AUTOOL EMW-508 ARC Welding MachineI recently bought an Arc Welding machine (Autool EMW-508 Arc Welder), which proves to be my best investment on any welding machine.

The welding arc comes in a package along with the one ground clamp, one face shield, one welding rod holder, one brush, and the owner’s manual.

Autool arc welder is a compact design portable welding machine, and ergonomic handle makes it easier for carrying it anywhere you want.

The arc welder is extremely lightweight, weighing only 12.42 pounds, which is exceptional for an arc welder with such impressive features.

This stunning machine is constructed from cooled rolled steel that gives it a solid body and metallic finish. The yellow color of the welding machine gives it a spectacular look.

The blind stutter on the shell makes the device convenient for heat dissipation due to the mute fan, so you can continuously use this machine without the fear of overheating.

The welder is a smart arc welder with advanced IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) technology that gives you the comfort of consuming less energy and performing more efficiently, master current control, low splash, and smooth welding. Other than that, the welder has the ability of dual volts to run on low volts and manage energy fluctuation.

Welding by this machine is perfect; the machine works swiftly in welding joints. Also check this CUT50 50 Amp Plasma Cutter.

It has achip control. The arc welder has a unique function that allows the machine to automatically power-off while overheating. The arc welder has a thick aluminum alloy radiator for radiating in sectional type.

The size of the unit in context with the dimensions is 37/ 29/ 15 centimeters. The arc welder needs input volts of 110 volts min, 15 % AC, and input current of 20 amperes. The arc welder’s output current is 20 to 160 ampere, and the output voltage is 25.6 volts.

Note: for 220 volts setting, you have to buy a separate socket.

  • Manage low voltage: The arc welder has dual voltage function, which means it can run on both high volts and even manage to run swiftly on low volts.
  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor: The premium welding machine by Autool has advanced IGBT technology for saving energy up to 70% and improving the welder’s performance by 85 %.
  • Power-off protection: Most of the welding machine face overheating issues. This state of the art welding machine makes sure to protect the machine from overheating.  The arc welder automatically powers off when it is getting over-heated. Other than that, the radiator and fan dissipation system makes sure of it.
  • Strong Weld.
  • It is easily penetrated.
  • Over-heating issues.



7. VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire Welding Machine -Top Rated

VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire Welding MachineVivo home portable flux-core welding machine is designed for efficient welding. It is formed from a high-quality material with stainless steel to perform different welding processes, with different materials, including stainless steel and resisting against the oxidation, corrosion, etc.

Vivo home portable welding machine is a small and convenient welding machine. It is very light in weight, 36.2 pounds, and sleek in design looks elegant with its attractive yellow color. It is one of the best portable welding machines as it is small in size and has a handgrip so that you can carry it anywhere.

The thing which makes it unique from other welding machines is the principle of working in this machine. It uses flux-cored wire to self-release inert metal gases during welding. That is the reason it prevents the welded object from oxidation. Its flux corded welding diameter is 0.8 to 0.9mm

This welding machine best works for mild and stainless steel. It helps you give the best finishing while welding the object, auto bodywork, and many other welding processes that can quickly be done through this welding machine.

This welding machine gives you comfort for controlling the speed of welding. It offers you four options for speeds maximum, min, max, 1, 2, these options further let us ten different welding speeds.

These different variants of speed are important because they enable us to tackle the issue of applying different rates on various materials like copper, aluminum sheet, steel, etc.

This machine needs an input of 110 voltage while it gives an output of 105 at 15%.  It requires a fuse of 15 amperes along with the current range of 50 to 120 ampere.

This machine comes with a handful of accessories, including one welding helmet, one welding gun (with safety on/off), one grounding clamp, one welding brush wire, and other small accessories.

  • Portable Design: This welding machine is lightweight, and a handgrip makes it portable and easy to carry.
  • Adjustable Speed: In this machine, you get four options to control the welding process’s speed, which plays vital while adjusting the speed.
  • Resist against the oxidation: Resisting against oxidation is one of the significant and unique features of this machine; it uses inert gases to prevent the welding object from oxidation.
  • Variety of application: Vivo home portable welding machine is applicable in a wide range of cases like finishing, attaching two metal objects, and other small uses.
  • Easy setup.
  • Consistent and Smooth.
  • No overheating problem.
  • Lacks a contactor.



8. Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy Core

Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy CoreLincoln Electric K2278-1 handy core is a masterpiece from the brand Lincoln Electric. This handy core is one of the best welding machines for home usage due to its impressive features.

The handy core is more convenient than any other welding machine. It is 45 pounds light-weighted handy core, which includes another useful feature of being a portable machine.

It is an excellent asset if one is going to weld mild steel. It is suitable to weld up to 1/8 steel. It uses a flux-cored wire, which makes it an excellent pick for home repairs.

The welding machine needs an input of 20 amperes current and 115 volts power in the household plug, which is standard household power. However, it gives you a massive increase in output, which is up to 88 ampere.

The dimensions of this machine are 12.8 in height, 8.8 in width, and 18 in-depth. The diameter of its wire is nearly 0.035 inches. There are eight power chords present.

This portable welding machine comes with many accessories that you need to get started. These accessories come with one year of full official warranty. These accessories include a gun, cable assembly, work lead, work clamp, and input power cable.

Other than these accessories, welding hand shield, and a chipping hammer. All these accessories are at the factory to save you time.

A fan is also included for the cooling process to enhance life expectancy, and a cold contractor is also included to keep the wire cold.

  • Weld mild steel: The Lincoln Electric hand carry can weld the mild steel up to 1/8 inches, which is impressive for a handy core portable welding machine.
  • Four output ranges: The handy core has a wide range of output range. It has four output ranges. It is pretty easy to implement proper welding processes and set up the machine even for a novice welder.
  • Fan cooler: The Lincoln Electric masterpiece contains a fan cooler to extend the life of the machine.This fan cooler is an ex addition in this welding machine to give it a long life.
  • Cold Contractor: One of the key features which make this welding machine exceptional from other welding machines is the cold contractor, which keeps the wire cold during the welding process.
  • Output: The welding machine gives you an increase in output compared to other welding machines. The output ranges from 35 to 88 ampere.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handy in small projects
  • Cheap
  • Small
  • Spotty weld
  • Low volts



9. Mophorn Dual Voltage MMA Arc Welding Machine

Mophorn Dual Voltage MMA Arc Welding MachineIf you are looking for a dc inverter welding machine? Then this is the place to be. Mophorn Arc Welder is the latest welding machine constructed from steel that gives it an elegant look along with reliability. Not only that, but the material which is used to build it is also very light that makes it light-weighted.

The machine is only 17 kg in weight, and the dimensions of the machine are 17 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 8 inches in height.

There are a lot of features that make this latest welding machine argumentatively the best portable arc welding machine. The welding machine is easy to carry, which adds another element of being a portable welding machine.

One of the significant features which make this welding machine different from others is being an inverter welding machine. The arc welder gives you a leverage of saving power as it uses advanced IGBT inverter technology, which enhances the efficiency of the welding machine by 85 % and PMW control system.

If you have a power fluctuation problem, this machine is perfect for you. This machine gives you the comfort of running on two different input volts.

You can run this machine on 220 volts and 110 volts in case of power fluctuation. It works equally well on both input and auto-switch between the inputs if connected.

Another feature that is rare and found in this machine is the adjustable current. It features a range of adjustable current output from 20 to 160 ampere.

You can adjust the current output according to the thickness of the material you are welding by the knob. This arc welder also features a clear led display which shows the output and makes it look stylish.

The arc welder is compatible with a number of weldments (elements) from the most 1.2 to 4.0 millimeters acids and alkali electrodes. A decrease in splash and excellent performance. It gives the welding thickness of 1 to 15 millimeters.

This premium welding machine comes with a lot of safety. The protection includes over-heat protection to protect from heating problems, overpressure protection, and over current protection with heat dissipation design.

There are a handful of accessories that come in the package with this machine. The package includes Arc inverter welder (the machine), electrode holder, earth clamp, and user manual.

  • Adjustable current: The arc welder lets you control and adjusts the output current according to the knob’s welding thickness by the knob. The output is displayed on the led in the machine.
  • IGBT technology: The advanced inverter technology helps you to safe power and let your welding machine to perform efficiently.
  • Dual Voltage: To eliminate the performance issue during electricity fluctuation, this arc welder allows us to run the machine on two different volts 220 and 110 and switch automatically in case of power fluctuation and perform efficiently.
  • Various Weldments: One of the critical reasons to buy this machine is that it is compatible with various weldments (elements) like acids and alkali electrodes. This feature allows the welding machine to penetrate swiftly and increase the thickness of the welding.
  • Light-weighted
  • No overheating
  • Easy to use
  • Extra Change over switch is needed



10. Goplus MIG Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine

Goplus MIG Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding MachineLast week, when I was browsing on the internet, I came across a product that is not easy to find at a very reasonable price. The Go plus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine is a portable Mig welder, challenging to see in the market nowadays, as its demand is increasing day by day. It is designed as a portable welder.

Most of the welding machines of this category, like this machine nearly weigh 80 pounds. However, that is not the case with this welding machine.

This portable welding machine weighs only 35 pounds. It is way lighter in weight than other devices of its type. Due to its lightweight, the welding power is very less.

The welder body is constructed from stainless steel, which gives it a solid body and life-long durability. It comes in two colors, black, and orange these colors give, and its steel body give it an attractive look.

The MIG welder comes with a reasonable price making it arguably the top welding machine in this category. This welding machine comes with a handle that makes it convenient and easy to use. To prevent from overheating problem, the welder has two air ventilators.

There are four options to control the current flow in this machine, Max, min, 1, 2. These options allow us to adjust the speed of welding accordingly. There is also a wire which helps in regulating the speed. This wire feature ten different levels of speed. You can choose any speed of your choice.

The Mig welder uses flux-cored wire, and no gas is used. Instead, metal-inert gases are used to prevent the object from oxidation. This most elegant welding machine is useful for thin welding steel, iron, general repairing at home, and professional finishing.

There are some handful of accessories, which come in the package with this welder. The accessories include a gun with protection, American triangle ground chord, and automatic thermal protection, chipping brush or hammer, metal tip, and welding wire of 0.9 millimeters.

The MIG welder dimensions are 13.4 inches in length, 7.3 inches in width, and 11.4 inches in height.

  • Multifunctional control panel:  This welder is one of the most elegant welding machines of its category. It has a control panel that gives you the comfort of adjusting the speed of the welding. This control panel has four options to control the current flow, and a wire feeding adjusts rotatory knob. This feature gives ten levels of different speeds.
  • Overheat protection: There are two air ventilators present in the MIG welder, making sure that the machine doesn’t face overheating problems.
  • Metal Tip: The MIG welding machine uses flux-cored wire and uses self-release metal inert gases to protect the welded object from rustiness.
  • Hidden Space: There is a hidden space for storage at the top. You can store any small accessories there.
  • Two air ventilators.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap.
  • Vulnerable feed wire.



11. Amico ARC-160D, Welding Soldering Machine

Amico ARC-160D, Welding Soldering MachineIf you are a professional welder and looking for the most advanced technology welding machine, Amico Arc is the perfect match for you. Amico arc welder is one of the finest weldings of Amico.

Amico is the best welding machine brand, and it has produced one of its gems in the form of ARC-160D, 160 Amp Stick ARC IGBT Inverter DC Welder 115/230 Dual Voltage Welding Soldering.

There are various reasons which make this welding machine the most exceptional product of Amico. It is constructed from metal and plastic ABS, which give it a sleek and smooth design with durability. Its grey color enhanced its looks and made it look graceful with a metallic finish.

The weight of this arc welder is 20 pounds, which is quite impressive as it is used at the industrial level. If we consider the features of this machine, the machine is way light-weighted.

The dimensions of this Arc welder are 14.1 inches in length, 6.2 inches in width, and 11.3 inches in height.

Arc 160 is a professional machine. It is not for home-usage. It is used at the industrial level, but still, it is quite easy to use. The welding machine features cellulose electrodes and a force adjustment function. It also has the anti-sticking technology, which prevents the welded object from sticking with the knob.

Advanced IGBT technology is also adopted in this Arc 160 welder, which saves a lot of energy. This technology enhances the efficiency of the welding machine. The machine is a lot convenient than other welding machines, as it has excellent arc stability.

If one has is facing difficulty in operating the machine due to power fluctuation, then this arc welder is made for you as this machine can run on dual voltages. It can switch between 100 to 250 volts in power fluctuation.

The current input range is from 5 to 160 ampere; however, at 160 amperes, the machine ensures its best performance, which is suitable for thin plate welding.

This arc welder ensures safety and makes sure your money is spent on the right product. Welding arc 160 has overvolted protection, under volt protection, undercurrent, and overload protection to save your machine from power fluctuations and enhance the lifetime of the device.

This Amico electric flagship welding machine comes in a package along with 8 feet Power Cord, N6-50P plug, 230V to 115V Power Adapter, 200 Amp Electrode Holder, 10 feet Cable, 35-50 mm Connect, 200 Amp Work Clamp, 10 feet Cable, 35-50 mm Connect, 2 Pieces Electrode of 3/32 inches, 2 Pieces Electrode of 1/8 inches, and Owner’s Manual.


Power saving: Usually, the welding machines consume a lot of power; however, this welding machine has IGBT inverter technology, which saves energy for the welding machine.

Auto Switching: In most power cases, welding machines don’t work, but this welding can run on dual voltage, eliminating this issue. This machine has the ability to auto-switch between the volts in power fluctuation cases.

Professional tool: Welding machines of small sizes and lightweight are specially designed for home-usage. Still, this arc welder is a professional tool used at the industrial level; however, its weight is 20 pounds. You barely have to clean after the welding process.

  • Lightweight
  • Anti-sticking
  • Excellent Stability
  • Pricy



12. ZENY Arc DC Inverter, Dual Voltage Welding Machine

ZENY Arc DC Inverter, Dual Voltage Welding MachineYesterday, I came to know that my neighbor was charged massively by electricity bills. After some investigation, he found out that his electricity bills increased massively due to his new welding machine, which he bought for his home-usage. He is a pro welder.

To solve this problem, he explored on the internet. He discovered a high-quality DC inverter welding machine, this machine is known as ZENY Arc Welding Machine. This masterwork by Zeny is simply the best welding machine of the modern-day.

This artwork’s body is designed by steel to give this machine a durable frame and plastic to look stylish. The red color makes it look more graceful. It is exceptionally lightweight, with only 18 pounds of weight.

The arc welder looks unique as its dimensions are unusual than other welders, its dimensions are 18 inches in length 10 inches in width and 14 inches in height.

The arc welder supports two input 110 volts and 220 volts and 60 Hz. It has a unique feature of converting AC into DC as it is a DC inverter, and from there, the transformer of it give proper current and volts, this technology is still rare in Arc welders. The input current of this machine is 20 ampere to 160 amperes.

The machine’s design is compact, and the handle of the device allows this machine to be portable. Along with portability, this arc welder gives you the leverage of ampere control with LED meter to set it according to your requirement.

This premium arc welder is suitable for machine manufacturing, automobile maintenance, metal sheet processing, iron processing, and large projects like a factory, shipyards, construction sight, etc. other than these; it is suitable for welding for mild steel, aluminum, iron and, different material.

Many accessories come along with this arc welder in its package. The package includes 1 DC Arc welding Machine, one electrode holder, 6 feet cable one work clamp, 5 feet cable, one input power adapter cable, and plug 1 Owner’s manual.

  • Protection: This state of the art welding machine by Zeny keeps the protection as the top priority. Three protection levels enhance the life and stability of the machine. These protections are overheating protection, pressure protection, and current protection.
  • Advanced Inverter technology: Zeny adds a new feature in this arc welder. It has advanced IGBT technology, which increases the welding machine’s efficiency by 85 % and saves power, as it consumes less power.
  • Voltage fluctuation: The arc welder has an exceptional feature to switch between 110 volts to 220 volts in case of voltage fluctuations to make it perform well.
  • No heating problem
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Low-quality electrode holder


These small and portable welding machines have entirely changed the concept of welding. It’s not a dangerous thing anymore, and even a newbie with very little knowledge can handle these machines. Their simple installation and operating method enable every individual to have a welding machine for their personal use.

We have tried to give you the best welding machine review, still, if you have any questions, we have placed a completebuying guide to answer all of your quarries, read it thoroughly, and you will have no doubts in your mind while selecting a welding machine.

Best welding machine buying guide.

In the 21st century, we are just one click away from any information, product, and person. The internet has made things so easier for users that no one can hide from each other.

Still, because of the too much information available about the same thing, sometimes it makes it confusing, and it became a headache for us to choose the right one.

So, if you’re about to buy a welding machine, you better read the below-given information, it will help you get your desired product.

What is a welding machine?

A welding machine is a type of device that operates on current and used to weld different materials. This machine has the capacity to join various materials together by melting them through a very high temperature. Welding machines gain this temperature by converting the electrical energy into heatwaves through an electrode.

How to use a welding machine?

Using these modern welding machines is not that hard, but still, safety comes first, so make sure that you wear your welding gloves and masks, then turn on the welder, mark the welding area, and cut it step by step.

Things to look after before buying a welding machine.

1. The material used for outer construction. 

The material used for the external structure must be of high quality. Welding machines work at a very high temperature and require a high voltage, so only a compact and durable material can resist such harsh conditions. Choosing a welding machine with a high-quality material will also assure your safety and protection.

2. Weight and portability.

Nowadays, some very lightweight and portable welding machines are available in the market. These machines are more efficient than those heavy and bulky ones, so it is better to go for a small and portable one, so you can carry it around and use it easily whenever you want.

3. Access to the nature of metal.

A significant aspect to look after before buying a welding machine is its access to different metals. Make sure that the machine you’re buying is good enough to cut mild steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, etc. Not all welding machines have the capacity to go through all these metals, so don’t forget to check this feature.

Frequently asked questions?

1. Is it safe to use the welding machine at home?

If you’re in need of using a welding machine at home, make sure that you’ve followed all the safety precautions and adequately covered yourself with welding gloves, masks, and other stuff.

Secondly, you should choose a particular area for welding where no one is around you, and don’t forget to check that you have a proper current supply and secure wiring.

2. What is the hardest metal to weld?

Though there are several metals that will give you a tough time welding, there is no one like ALUMINUM. Because of its alloy nature and irregular chemical properties, aluminum requires an expert to cut it.

3. What is the role of an inverter in a welding machine?

An inverter is one of the latest technology in the welding industry that has changed the way of welding. It provides you with accurate and precise control on the current that helps you cut the metal in a more appropriate and better way. Because of the inverter, you can cut the metal in different shapes and sizes easily.

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